dnsmax.pl is a Perl dynamic DNS update client for the DNS Max and ThatIP DNS services. It runs on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and other operating systems with Perl support.

dnsmax.pl is responsible for keeping your DNS records pointed at your current IP address. When run, the program checks to see whether your IP address has changed since the last time an update was sent to the servers. If it has, the program sends an update. The program should be scheduled to run every few minutes.


Linux and Mac OS X

Download dnsmax-perl-1.0.1 and follow the instructions in the INSTALL file.


Install the client from the dns/dnsmax-perl port, or type 'pkg_add -r dnsmax-perl'. Note: the client is installed as dnsmax-perl, not dnsmax.pl.

DNSMax entry on freshports.

Getting Started

  1. Run `./dnsmax.pl --configure`. Enter your account information as prompted.
  2. Run `./dnsmax.pl --fetchhosts`. Any dynamic DNS records that you have configured in your account will be downloaded into your configuration files.
  3. Run `./dnsmax.pl --choosehosts`. Follow the instructions to determine which of your hosts should be updated on this computer.
  4. Add a crontab entry to run `/path/to/perl /path/to/dnsmax.pl --updateip` every few minutes.

Usage Summary

Usage: dnsmax.pl MODE [configuration_file]

Available Modes

  • --configure : Create or edit a configuration file; set the account's user name, password, and other settings.
  • --fetchhosts : Retrieve the latest list of dynamic DNS records for the configured account. Determine which records should be updated when an IP change is detected.
  • --choosehosts : Choose which hosts will be updated when an IP change is detected.
  • --updateip : Determine whether the network's IP has changed since the the last time it was checked, and send an update if necessary.

If configuration_file is not specified, a file named dnsmax.conf located in the working directory will be assumed.